WSOP: Thursday action at the Rio

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As you have read in a piece from earlier, the event of the week is the HORSE showdown happening in the middle of the Amazon ballroom. (If you missed Wil's look at the game, check it out here.)

As the afternoon has progressed, Team PokerStars Victor Ramdin has managed to stay near the top of the leaderboard. Greg Raymer and Barry Greenstein are stil alive as well, although farther back in the field.

In other action today, the WSOP is hosting a $2,500 short-handed event. Once again, this is the kind of tournament where the top pros claim their spots at the top. In the first few hours of play today, Isabelle Mercier has quadrupled up.

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8:19am--Barry nearly made it. In the end, he just couldn't quite get there and busted in 12th place. I have more from Barry in just a bit.

4:30am--Down to 18 players. Greenstein's chip position hasn't changed much since he last update. He just happens to be a few steps closer to the coolest final table in a long time.

3:45am--Indeed, the oft-predicted long night is in effect. Twenty-two players remain. Barry Greenstein has climbed even hugher in the standings and now threatens to make the final table. he currently sits fifthh in chips with a little more than 400,000 in chips. The current chip-leader holds 900,000.

1:23am----Victor Ramdin has busted out of the HORSE event, but Barry Greensteain has recovered and is making a rush for the top.

12:50am--Victor Ramdin has been on a bad slide an is barely still in the HORSE event. Greenstein and Le, however, are hanging aroundin the midde of the pack.

12:40am--Jim McManus has busted out of the $2,500 short-handed event.

11:00pm--The HORSE event is down to close to 40 players. Tuan Le, Barry Greenstein, and Victor Ramdin are all right in the middle of the pack.

10:15pm--The HORSE players are back form dinner break, but the bigger news is that Jim McManus has cashed in another 2006 WSOP event. He's in the money with a lower than average stack in the $2,500 short-handed NL hold'em event.

9:21pm--Players are on dinner break until 10:15. We're down to 56 players in the HORSE event. There is still a lot of speculation about whether this event will stretch to four days.

8:15pm-- Barry Greenstein started the day low in chips, but made an amazing comeback to get near the top of the field. He once had more than 100,000 in chips. Now, he is back near his starting stack of $50,000. The shining star at the moment is Victor Ramdin. He had a very strong start yesterday and has held onto his chips today. He is still in the top 15 in chips.

7:51pm--PokerStars has but left in the HORSE event. With Greg Raymer gone a while ago, it's up to Victor Ramdin, Tuan Le, and Barry Greenstein to fight for this big one.

7:07pm--The HORSE event threatens to last all night. Early plans were to play two regular days and get down to the final table. Now, it looks like today will be no sort of regular day. Barry Greenstein (who yesterday was almost down to the felt) has moved up to the top 25 in chips. Victor Ramdin still sits in the top ten. Who knows what will happen over the next 12 hours.

7:03pm--In the $2,500 short-handed event, Isabelle Mercier has been eliminated, but Jim McManus has a ton of chips and Joe Hachem's brother, Tony, is still alive with 160 players remaining.

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