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2008 World Series: Ylon Schwartz

12,525,000 chips Ylon Schwartz has been playing competitive table games for most of his life, having started playing chess in Washington Square Park in Manhattan ever since he was 13-years-old. Now 38, the Brooklyn native reverted to the more profitable world of poker after 12 years of competitive chess and is now fifth going into the final table of the biggest show in the game. Schwartz is already a veteran of the World Series, earning his first cash at in 2005 and recording 12 in-the-money finishes at the WSOP and...more

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2008 World Series: Peter Eastgate interview

It's one thing to be one of the top five cash game players from your home country. It's another thing to be at the final table of the 2008 World Series of Poker. PokerStars player Peter Eastgate happens to be both of those things. In the blur that followed the...more

2008 World Series: David "Chino" Rheem interview

David "Chino" Rheem is a young up-and-comer in the poker world. The PokerStars player had a big contingent of famous players on the rail cheering him on as he made the final table of the 2008 World Series. The player from California talked to the PokerStars video blog team as...more

2008 World Series: Ivan Demidov interview

In minutes that followed PokerStars player Ivan Demodov's making it to the 2008 World Series final table, he was still in shock. After coming all the way from Moscow to compete in his first major live tournament, Demidov could barely find the words to explain what had just happened to...more

2008 World Series: The PokerStars Six

In the Rio Amazon Room, there is no Monday. There is no July. Time and date are irrelevant. There is no news from around the world, lamentations about the economy, or even the usual banal discussion of the weather. It took rain in the desert to get anyone to notice...more

2008 World Series: You wait a while and then...

Long stretches of boredom with moments of sheer terror. It’s an expression that’s been used so many times to describe all sorts of scenarios, but if the long stretches between the action in this main event have been the ‘boredom’, the last half an hour has provided the terror...more

2008 World Series: Dreams die

There are numerous ways to measure the progression of a poker tournament, from the basic count of players eliminated, to the angle of the slouch of the average reporter on media row. The blue screens displaying time, level, blinds and payouts have kept us updated with the key stats throughout...more

2008 World Series: Klodnicki just misses final table

The pressure compounds by the day at the World Series. There's no questioning that immutable fact. But it's different this year. Of course, making the final table in years past has meant something special, but for the most part, second through ninth places are rarely recognized with even a fraction...more

2008 World Series: The last supper

The dinner break was the last for all 14 players in this main event before they are either nearly a million dollars richer, or in the clutch of players forever referred to as nearly men. It's a cruel fate, but for five of those dining this evening, they won't necessarily...more

2008 World Series: At the feature tables, or not...

As each break approaches spectators are asked to leave the Amazon Room for a 20 minute spell waiting outside in the corridors before players return to their seats and they’re allowed back in. This process has got wilder over the last day or so. Security release the door latches...more

2008 World Series: The Denmark Syndicate

Sixteen players remain in the 2008 World Series. Those players represent four countries: The United States, Canada, Russia, and Denmark. Of the final players, two are Danes, and both are flying the PokerStars banner. Gert Andersen of Herning, Denmark is a finance controller and seeing the the big money of...more

2008 World Series: The four minute frenzy

Then suddenly it all kicked off. Three eliminations in the space of four minutes and now just two tables remain. One of those players was PokerStars player Paul Snead, who busted in 21st place for $257,334. Among the animated players here this week, Snead was up and about at...more

2008 World Series: Slowdown delays showdown

Every session since the end of the tightly scheduled day ones, someone in media row has said, "It's got to slow down today." This was usually prompted by a discussion of the previous day's breakneck pace of eliminations, carnage that has resulted at least twice in a relatively early night...more

2008 World Series: Flying the PokerStars Flag

It is now impossible to watch the World Series of Poker without thinking of PokerStars. Out of the 23 remaining players in the 2008 Main Event, 14 are flying the PokerStars flag. Among those players is Staten Island, New York's Albert Kim. After graduating from law school, Kim moved to...more

2008 World Series: TV time at table three

Three tables and several hundred of poker’s hardcore fan base, all watching 27 players. That will be the landscape here for the foreseeable future. But what does it take to run one of the last three tables in the World Series main event? Well, table three needs the following......more

2008 World Series: Sleep when you're dead

As unlikely as it seemed more than two weeks ago, we are getting very close to the end. This morning was the final walk for us reporters from the Palms Hotel, where the PokerStars qualifiers and players have stayed for the past weeks, through the neighbouring Gold Coast casino and...more

2008 World Series: Three tables in search of one

It had to happen and now it has. We have reached three tables in the World Series main event. Three tables, 27 players, one more day until we reach the final nine. Along the way, there were all the twists and turns we expect as we reach the business end...more

2008 World Series: New level, new peril

Twenty-nine players remain in the main event as they return from the latest break for blinds of 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante. It makes the short stacks shorter and forces a few more players to look anxiously over their shoulders as the big stacks closing in. Recent eliminations after...more

2008 World Series: Cantu can still do

The cream of the crop in poker tournaments has a tendency of rising to the top, sinking, rising, curdling, rising and sinking again, in no particular order. With so many exceptionally skillful players in every major tournament (especially towards the business end) it takes a spectacular talent to stick around...more

2008 World Series: Four for the feature table

Whilst the backdrop of the Amazon Room and its surrounding halls and corridors has changed day by day as the field reduced in size one thing has remained constant – the feature table stage. There’s a bar at the back of this is spectator monolith. It’s raised up to...more

2008 World Series: Third year's a charm

Chris "SLOPPYKLOD" Klodnicki may just be a good poker player. At only 23 years old, he is already a pro. Six years ago, his brother taught him the game, introduced him to home games, and watched him step into Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal—still underage—and start beating the game. But, hey,...more

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