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2008 World Series: Ylon Schwartz

12,525,000 chips Ylon Schwartz has been playing competitive table games for most of his life, having started playing chess in Washington Square Park in Manhattan ever since he was 13-years-old. Now 38, the Brooklyn native reverted to the more profitable world of poker after 12 years of competitive chess and is now fifth going into the final table of the biggest show in the game. Schwartz is already a veteran of the World Series, earning his first cash at in 2005 and recording 12 in-the-money finishes at the WSOP and...more

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2008 World Series: At the eye of the storm

An hour or so ago, people returning to the Amazon Room from a rare step into the outside world were reporting something very peculiar. Here in the middle of the Nevada desert, in the heat of the summer and during a drought, there was a rainstorm. And with characteristic Las...more

2008 World Series: Still in the fray

Two players who have experienced mixed fortunes in the field today are PokerStars players Darus Suharto and Jason Glass. Darus Suharto, who lost a few hundred thousand late last night returned today with 1 million and now sits with 1.6 million. Understandably he’s upbeat, although he's still some way...more

2008 World Series: From the heartland to the big time

A staple of the countless entertainment channels the world round is the "Before They Were Famous" show -- clips of famous sportsmen turning out for their elementary school team; a senator in a college debate; Britney and Justin on the Disney Channel, that kind of thing. Before the World Series...more

2008 World Series: The morgue

There is an interesting phenomenon that happens around this time at the World Series. The air conditioning meant for 3,000 people starts to override the central nervous systems of the few hundred now in the room. It begins to feel a bit like...well, we'll just say it. It feels like...more

2008 World Series: The view from table three

Two vinyl rails are all that separate several hundred poker-loving spectators and the 79 surviving players on Day 6 of the World Series main event. Beyond the circular tournament area and those watching is nothing but the vast carpeted no-mans land of the Amazon Room, transformed from the wall-to-wall...more

2008 World Series: The turn card

If the World Series of Poker could be described in the terms of just one poker hand, today they are dealing the turn card. After some feisty pre-flop action that lasted for four day ones and a couple of day twos, we finally saw the flop and associated betting during...more

2008 World Series: Edging closer to the prize

The few became fewer today. This beleaguered poker bastion known as the Amazon Room got smaller and smaller and its surviving 79 occupants endured another day of triumph and trauma. The camp was small as players took their seats at high noon and by 11:30pm what remained were just...more

2008 World Series: Cantu can do

As these vast tournament fields thin to the elite few dozen, fewer and fewer players remain unknown. We've been in the same room with all these folk for the best part of two weeks and putting names to faces becomes easier by the day. Some faces, however, have always been...more

2008 World Series: This from our Brian Tatum correspondent

Sometime during the level of play before the dinner break, we received an e-mail to from Joanne Cordier, the girlfriend of PokerStars qualifier Brian Tatum who is going way deep into the money at the World Series today. Joanne was anxiously following Tatum's progress from their home in Illinois,...more

2008 World Series: Nice gals finish 104th

This poker blogging job, much like poker itself, is not one where we can let things get too personal. Alliances, friendships, and any matters of the heart can quickly turn to disappointment, frustration, and downright depression. All of that said, all of us here at the blog were rather rooting...more

2008 World Series: About the break

Sitting two seats along from Kara Scott on the feature table is PokerStars player Owen Crowe. The 26-year-old is one of those bigger stacks at the table, starting at close to 900K. Famed for a monster year on PokerStars in 2006, including a Sunday Million win, it’s been a...more

2008 World Series: 4,000 FPPs = $40,000 at WSOP

If you're a frequent PokerStars player, you already know that a Frequent Player Point has a certain value to it. People have cashed them in for books, hats, cars, and even houses. Today, one player has cashed his in for more than $40,000 and a really good story. Doug Ashmore,...more

2008 World Series: Keeping ones feet on (Romanian) ground

PokerStars qualifier Cristian Dragomir's rise to the top of the World Series main event leaderboard has been nothing if not steady, as he explained during the most recent break. At the end of day one, he had 55,000, at the end of day two, he had 193,000, and at the...more

2008 World Series: Party on, Garth

Garth Paul, a 28-year-old man from Ohio has never played a World Series event, and he's not afraid to admit that. His midwestern upbringing suggests a certain pride void of arrogance. "I am a humble person that treats people as they should be treated," he said. Paul is one of...more

2008 World Series: War of words

PokerStars player Phi Nguyen is today renewing an old acquaintance. Seated on the feature table, behind 1,500,000 at day's start, Nguyen has Mike Matusow to contend with, but knows that currently all the bragging rights between mild-mannered Californian and the self-styled "Mouth" are his. At the final table of the...more

2008 World Series: Under the lights

By day five a seat on the feature table might represent your last chance for one last waltz under the television lights, a last chance to engrain the memory of your World Series week on the minds of the viewing public, a permanent record somewhere in the annals of...more

2008 World Series: And now, day five

Good afternoon once again from the Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. First the stats and the plans before we list the many inponderables and intangibles about today's play. This is day five of the $10,000 championship event of the World Series of Poker. It's the eighth day of competition,...more

2008 World Series: They fell and they fell and they fell

Wow. Seriously, wow. We may have already used that word to start a previous post from today, but it becomes no less applicable in the duplicate. Wow. Seriously, wow. Day four started an hour late after yesterday's extended bubble shenanigans, but we ended up unplugging our laptops a full level...more

2008 World Series: Big stacks, big lights

The post dinner break sprint to the end of Level 19 sees us with just fewer than 200 players remaining in the 2008 World Series Main Event. PokerStars players can still be found all over the Amazon Room. None are shining brighter at this moment the following four people. Darus...more

2008 World Series: International man of mystery

He was impossible to trace at the PCA and here has proven no easier. A player sits on table two complete with hood to cover his face and dark sunglasses to shield his eyes. Occasionally a nose peeks out but little more. He's been like this all week. Someone...more

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