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2008 World Series: Ylon Schwartz

12,525,000 chips Ylon Schwartz has been playing competitive table games for most of his life, having started playing chess in Washington Square Park in Manhattan ever since he was 13-years-old. Now 38, the Brooklyn native reverted to the more profitable world of poker after 12 years of competitive chess and is now fifth going into the final table of the biggest show in the game. Schwartz is already a veteran of the World Series, earning his first cash at in 2005 and recording 12 in-the-money finishes at the WSOP and...more

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2008 World Series: The Wright stuff

In most poker circles, you can't really throw out the name Larry Wright and expect a ready look of recognition. In fact, when looking at the chip counts of the 2008 World Series of Poker, you might be forgiven if you can't immediately place the name to a face. It's...more

2008 World Series: The pride of Uncle Stan

It was a quiet day at the World Series of Poker, between the end of the $50,000 HORSE tournament and the start of the long main event day one. Two poker writers took a trip to Downtown Las Vegas, visited the Gamblers Bookshop, picked up a steak dinner in the...more

2008 World Series: The Khan plan for poker domination

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the Amazon Room, between the remaining tables. The most notable is a player wandering around, getting well known around the room as the player who went on break with chips and came back to find his table broken and his chips...more

2008 World Series: Hi honey, I'm home!

Wow. There was a chance that the action might have slowed today as dollar signs replaced pupils in the eyes of the remaining players. But it couldn't be further from the truth: we had torn through a quarter of the day's starting field by the time the first break came...more

2008 World Series: FPP qualifier alive in Day 4

It's fascinating how fortunes can diverge from a single point of origin. Take yourself back to the day in 2004 when an impetuous (some might say imbalanced) Britney Spears went to a little chapel in Las Vegas and married a childhood friend. Since then, Spears has gone off the reservation,...more

2008 World Series: The man with the hat

Deep into the money as we are, the chance to be on television increases hour on hour. The cameras really are everywhere, taping every all-in, every big hand that could potentially make one of the memorable moments of the TV coverage. We see all sorts of hijinks aimed at...more

2008 World Series: Seconds out, day four

Hello one and all and welcome once again to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Nevada. We're now getting very used to this -- this is the official day four of the tournament, but the eighth day in all -- and many things are similar, but many have...more

2008 World Series: Bubble pops on Day 3

No matter how many poker tournaments we cover, no matter how many hands we watch, no matter how many bad beat stories we hear, there is no denying the pure energy on the bubble of a tournament. Fueled by a week of anxiety and hope, the 667-player mark of the...more

2008 World Series: Pop!

Just before we went hand-for-hand, PokerStars qualifier Bill Purle wanted a cigarette. "I can't," he said. "I'm on the big blind next." Such was the anxiety before the this excruciating period that even someone seemingly cruising to the money, as was Purle with comfortably the right side of 300,000 in...more

2008 World Series: Main event goes hand-for-hand

It’s finally here. We’re hand-for-hand in the main event. 673 players remain with eight to go home empty handed before anyone sees a cent. Tournament officials are working the room, clearing the aisles with the pressure tenfold. First there are the press. Everyone, regardless of affiliation, has been shuffled...more

2008 World Series: Level 14 update

With 733 players remaining in the 2008 World Series Main Event, we are less than 100 players from the money. Below is a recap of the previous hour. The tournament director told us just before the break that play will go hand-for-hand with nine players remaining. So, when 675 players...more

World Series 2008: Bed, web and beyond

Early in 2008, Dutch student Yde van Deuterkom came up with a brilliant idea. Since his No 1 interest in life is sleeping, why not try to make some money out of it? Yde, 22, who lives with his mum and is "sort of" studying engineering then built a website,...more

2008 World Series: The Departed

Fresh water is always the first thing to go. It’s easy to predict the downfall of a society, no matter if it’s a perfect Democracy or ragtag anarchy like the World Series. When the water goes, so goes convention, and with convention goes all good sense and reason. This morning,...more

2008 World Series: Math, money and then back to school

For a lot of players in the Amazon room right now this is all about the big win, the big pay off that will catapult them into the big time and life on the poker circuit. For others meanwhile this is just a great way to spend the summer...more

2008 World Series: Giants

"There are some HUUUUGE stacks out there." So came the latest observation from a reporter returning to media row from a jaunt across the tournament floor. He was right. After the early day carnage of the typical "double-up-or-bust-out" period, those players that profited from the pandemonium are now sitting pretty....more

2008 World Series: The big, the little, and the doubler

In the first two levels today, the stories of the 150 or so PokerStars players left in the field have run the gamut, from wild success, to desperate clinging, to key double ups. A New Yorker by birth, resident of L.A. by choice, Alex Outhred has been around poker much...more

2008 World Series: From zero to hero?

Chris Dyer started in good spirits. It was reasonable to think he’d be in a foul mood this morning considering he had just 2,600. Yes, the PokerStars qualifier returned today as the short stack, the man at the back of 1308 names, who everyone expected to stick around for...more

2008 World Series: Some things change, some things stay the same

When two fellow news reporters began chatting to one another during level one about David Murray and back-to-back pocket kings, I knew I knew the name from somewhere. I'd definitely seen "David Murray" on the chip counts, rising through the ranks of PokerStars qualifiers towards the top, but I also...more

2008 World Series: Moneymaker grinding after hours, no more today

Our spies in the Palms poker room sent over this story this morning... Day 2 of the World Series is always a tough day. Regardless of age, nationality or gender, most people find it pretty gruelling to sit at a poker table, for ten hours at a stretch, with more...more

2008 World Series: Keeping everyone in sight

As the players filed into the Amazon Room this morning, we realised that this was another landmark day in the 2008 World Series main event. For the first time, the entire field is visible before our very eyes -- no more days divided into multiple flights, no more rooms spread...more

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