2008 World Series: The European invasion

Time to nail my national colors to the mast. Ah hell, let's get this right: time to nail my national coloUrs to the mast: I'm British, very much a part of Europe, and right now there exists the very real possibility that two Europeans could go heads up for the World Series title tomorrow afternoon.

That's never happened before, and it would be one great story for us Europeans to come over here and take the title in what is the undisputed home of poker. And even the Americans in the audience couldn't begrudge either Peter Eastgate or Ivan Demidov, with the latter in particular impressing everyone watching. Those include David "Chino" Rheem and Darus Suharto, both of whom named Demidov as their pick from the remaining players. And the Team PokerStars Pro Hevad Khan, watching from the stands, was also impressed by the Russian. "Undoubtedly," Khan said when it was put to him that Demidov was the man to beat.

Right now, though, there are still four in with a legitimate shot at this one, and only a fool would write off either Ylon Schwartz or Dennis Phillips. The former had a great opening level before getting on the wrong end of that massive hand when his queens lost to Phillips, all in pre-flop. And that only served to underline Phillips' staying power. He's bounced back very well from the bludgeoning he took early on, where he was looking like being the second chip leader in successive Main Event final tables to be the first to hit the rail. Not so, and Phillips--and his mass of supporters--are all still alive.

Now the minimum anyone can go home with is $3,774,974, which is a lot of dollars, kroner or roubles.


Here were the chip counts as we started the current level.

Watch WSOP Final Table: Chip Count Lvl. 37 (22:10) on PokerStars.tv

As you might have gathered by the lack of hard hand history coverage in this post, there wasn't much in the way of action in the last hour. We expect that to change after this 20 minute break.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in World Series of Poker