2008 World Series: From short stack to contender

During an intense chat a few days ago about certain memorable poker performances, as PokerStars sponsored player Kirill Gerasimov was working his way through another field of players, I mentioned the need for a “new Kirill Gerasimov story."

The old story was of course the EPT Deauville story (mentioned about four times now on the blog this week) and the short stack miracle performed there. I figured the man had earned the right for a new flagship performance, particularly in light of the fact that his record of 19 World Series, three WPT and two EPT cashes amount to nearly $2 million.


Well, we may now have his new story, depending on how events unfold tonight. At the dinner break in today’s second day of play in the $2,000 No Limit Hold’em there were 70 players left and Kirill had just 12,500. Several hours later, with 36 players remaining, Kirill had doubled up, tripled up, won a few, and doubled up again – by now he had over 255,000.

“Yeah” he said, with a grin. “I got lucky."

This, I would say, was a total lie in the name of modesty. He had no more luck than that found in any hand. This was simply down to the fact he knew when to move and how to move it, gaining some valuable momentum along the way where lesser players might have closed their eyes, held their breath and taken a flying leap a lot sooner.

“Now though I’m getting no cards...” he added.

Well later he did get some well-earned favourable hands, notably pocket Kings and, more importantly, a caller. Now, Kirill's over the 400,000 mark, well clear of the average with 22 players in pursuit of a spot in the final nine and the final table tomorrow. We'll keep you posted. I doubt Kirill is going anywhere soon.