2008 World Series: The all new Hevad Khan

Hevad Khan just raised seven out of ten pots. I’d been told this was the way he plays. Really, I stood and watched them.

For many the Team PokerStars Pro is famous for two things. First, the video clip he sent to PokerStars showing himself playing 28 sit and goes at the same time, proving the speculation that he was in fact a bot, to be undeniably wrong.

Second thing on the list of most memorable Hevad moments is his performance at the World Series last year, where the main event saw a talented and spirited Hevad charge his way to a sixth place finish, good for $956,243 and a place in the general poker consciousness.

The contrast between then and now couldn’t be more different. By his own admission Hevad is a calmer player these days, and at table Blue 34 sits as the quiet one at the table, letting his chips do the talking if you like. Whether he’s suffering from a long day or a long Series is unclear. I suspect it’s neither of those, just that he doesn’t need to play in any other way. Instead his movements are slow and considered - at least during a pot. When he wins he can stack chips on warp speed.

Just recently this has been happening a lot.

First a raise from Hevad, re-raised by Steve Weinstein in the nine seat, who bumps it up to 14,500. Hevad moves in slow motion, like he’s playing out the pinnacle action sequence of a low budget movie. He picks off some chips, actually all of his chips, and move them in the middle.

Hevad Khan

That taught them. Another pot to Hevad.

Next hand, Hevad raising again. Nothing fancy, just a straight forward 2,500. No takers, another pot for Hevad.

He raises the next hand, the same process, the same result – another pot to Hevad.

You get the picture... I’d guess it’s still going on as I write this. Quieter than last year but no less effective; Hevad was on 36K. Now that figure is more like 60K.