2008 World Series: International man of mystery

He was impossible to trace at the PCA and here has proven no easier. A player sits on table two complete with hood to cover his face and dark sunglasses to shield his eyes. Occasionally a nose peeks out but little more. He's been like this all week. Someone is behind that mask, an international man of mystery.


PokerStars qualifier Petteri Pirinen

Well, we’ve cracked the code folks and ironically all it took was for us to ask his name, so perhaps there's no mystery after all. He is PokerStars qualifier Petteri Pirinen from Espoo, the second largest city in Finland, a place of agriculture, the FC Honka soccer team and the Helsinki University of Technology – now one of its 235,019 locals is going deep in the main event.

Why the disguise?

“I don’t want to be seen” said Petteri, before he went on to express how annoyed he was at his play today, and the play of those who beat him. But he sits with a couple of hundred grand. Not bad for his first World Series. And now we have a name to go with the face, or at least the nose.