2008 World Series: 4,000 FPPs = $40,000 at WSOP

If you're a frequent PokerStars player, you already know that a Frequent Player Point has a certain value to it. People have cashed them in for books, hats, cars, and even houses. Today, one player has cashed his in for more than $40,000 and a really good story.

Doug Ashmore, 41, from Houston, Texas has been playing poker for the past 15 years. The one-time University of Texas basketball player was the last remaining PokerStars player in the field who qualified using nothing but his Frequent Player Points.

In early May, Ashmore played a 426-player 4,000-FPP qualifier. The top three seats paid for a full package to the World Series. Ashmore was among those top three players and today finished in the top 2% of the 6,844 players who started the WSOP Main Event--his first-ever major poker tournament.


Ashmore's 124th place finished earned him $41,816.

While fewer than 120 players remaining tonight, PokerStars still has a big contingent of players. See the most updated chip counts on our WSOP Chip Counts page.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker