2008 World Series: Another day, another Team member prospering

Victor Ramdin is hogging the limelight for PokerStars Team Pro this afternoon at the Rio. He's one of 20 players who came back for the final day of the $1,500 HORSE event. The record turnout for a mixed game tournament meant they weren't able to play down to a final yesterday, so it's 20 to one this afternoon, evening, night and, quite probably, morning.


Victor is here for the long haul. He was all smiles and firm handshakes as he unbagged his chips at around 3pm. "Let's make the final table first, and then we'll talk," he said, when I asked him if he had anything he wanted the PokerStars blog readers to know. As any experienced campaigner is well aware, there's an awful lot that can happen in any stages of a tournament, and complacency can quickly become embarrassment. Victor won't make any claims he might not be able to keep.

He's not the only Team PokerStars Pro mixing it up today, however. Vanessa Rousso is deep and going deeper in the $1,500 no limit hold 'em. She was short-stacked late last night, but found kings on the final hand before they bagged and tagged.


The kings held up and gave Vanessa three times as many chips, 31,000, to seal away for the night. The upward movement continued today and a couple of hours into day two, she's up to 55,000.

6pm update -- The day continues to get even better for the two Team PokerStars Vs. Both Victor and Vanessa are making hay at the Rio, with Victor remaining in the top handful of the 13 players left in the HORSE, and Vanessa enjoying a hot streak in the hold 'em. She managed to get queens to stand up against A-Q to get into a healthy chip standing, then filled a straight with suited connectors to get past the 100,000 mark. With around 90 players left, she's in the top ten.