2008 World Series: Big stacks, big lights

The post dinner break sprint to the end of Level 19 sees us with just fewer than 200 players remaining in the 2008 World Series Main Event.

PokerStars players can still be found all over the Amazon Room. None are shining brighter at this moment the following four people.

Darus Suharto (PokerStars qualifier)

Few players reach the top of the chip lists in the main event without spending a spell on the sidelines, comfortably shrouded by anonymity before their star begins to shine. PokerStars qualifier Darus Suharto would be one of those guys.

Darus Suharto.jpg

PokerStars qualifier Darus Suharto

He’s a small guy and his colossal stack of chips reaches past the half way point to his chin, 1.5 million strong. He took down another pot as I stopped by and was still stacking chips as the two next hands were dealt.

Suharto qualified on PokerStars for his main event seat this year and is already doing better than his finish from 206 when he placed 448th for a little more than $26,000. Now, he's guaranteed more than $30,000 and is among the chip leaders in this year's main event

The associate director of York University in Toronto Canada has more than one million chips.

The PokerStars video blog team spoke to him this morning on his way in.

Watch WSOP 08: Darus Suharto Online Qualifier on PokerStars.tv

Felix Osterland

It’s a similar situation for 22-year-old student and PokerStars qualifier Felix Osterland from Germany. Felix sits on the second feature table tonight, his chips stacked in ever ascending racks for a kind of half-coliseum effect, like some psychedelic ruin dug up by archaeologists, complete with slightly demolished edges.


PokerStars qualifier Felix Osterland

His head of curly hair rests on his hand. It may not be that late but it feels that way to some, even with just a level to go. His stack now measures 1.3million, good enough to yawn a few times and not worry about having to pay attention. He cashes her two years ago and will better that here.

Victor Ramdin and Kara Scott

Victor Ramdin has been the subject of much ESPN attention today and has spent a great deal of time at the feature table. He passed the time there doubling his stack to more than one million chips.

He's recently been joined by the always radiant Kara Scott, her sparlkly new necklace shining even brighter under the lights. She has around 400,000 and could very well be playing in Day 5.


Victor Ramdin and Kara Scott at the feature table

In other news...further down the room Bill Purle was unlucky not to double up, moving in and getting called.

“All-in and a call” yelled the dealer, as instructed, but when both players turned over aces a, “nevermind!” followed.

Bill was just seen sprinting to the door for a well earned smoke, closely followed by his wife Alice who has spent much of the day waiting patiently for him on the rail. He has 780,000.

One hour to go before the end of the night.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker