2008 World Series: Feel free to play poorly

"Players, we're a little bit short on tables today, so if you'll help me out and play a little bit bad, that would be great," Tournament Director Jimmy Sommerfield said.

The people who have $50,000 to throw into one tournament have already made their decision. At this hour, those who prefer to go the $5,000 route are making their decisions for the day. Whether they choose to play badly to make room for the HORSE re-start still remains to be seen.

Day 1 of the $50,000 HORSE event ended early this morning with only eight players looking for something else to do today. At this hour, the only thing left to do in the Amazon room is play the $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Short-Handed event. That is exactly what more than 700 players are doing at this very moment.

Among the runners in Day 1 of this event is a healthy contingent of Team PokerStars Pro. A quick walk through the tournament area revealed the faces of Andre Akkari, Vanessa Rousso, ElkY, Gavin Griffin, Joe Hachem, John Duthie, and Victor Ramdin.


Victor Ramdin

Making her debut here at this year's World Series is Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren. She happens to have been seated at the same six-handed table with the newest member of Team PokerStars Pro, Poland's Marcin Horecki.

Resuming today at 3pm will be Humberto Brenes. He made Day 2 of the $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Rebuy Event and is looking for his 52nd WSOP cash of his career. If he should get there, it will be the fourth of this year's Series. His stack is slightly below average as he starts, but the rebuy event is deeper than most, so he won't feel the pressure immediately.

Humberto Brenes

Of course, the biggest news will continue to be the $50,000 HORSE event. One hundred forty players remain headed into Day 2 of the five-day event. Every member of Team PokerStars Pro, not to mention two Supernova Elites and two sponsored players survived Day 1.

Bill Chen and Barry Greenstein had a fairly good day and sit among the leaders from Day 1. Greg Raymer, Katja Thater, Chad Brown, Dario Minieri, and Isabelle Mercier all finished with more than their 100,000 starting stacks.


Isabelle Mercier

Other notables include PokerStars-sponsored players Kirill Gerasimov and Alex Kravchenko. Well-known PokerStars Supernova Elites George Lind and Joseph "bigjoe2003" Michael are still fighting as well.

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu looked like he might be on his way to an early exit late last night, but rallied and came back to more than 70,000 on the day.


The HORSE event is scheduled to play another five levels before breaking for Day 3. We'll be here with all the action, all day and all night.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker