2008 World Series: Greenstein looking for traction

Barry Greenstein isn’t one of those players who carries a rabbit’s foot or wears some talisman at the tables. Apart from decades of poker experience, the only thing he brings to the felt is a copy of his book “Ace on the River,” and he only carries that to give away to whomever sends him to the rail. So, suffice it to say, Greenstein isn’t one to believe in omens.

So, when he showed up at noon today to play in the $10,000 PLO event (three hours in advance of the HORSE final table), he probably didn’t think way too much about what happened upon his arrival. The flopped set of kings getting outrun by quad queens for a 50,000 chip pot was just a bad turn of fortune and not a sign of things to come for his HORSE final table appearance.

A more superstitious person, though, might have thought otherwise. In the first few minutes of final table play today, Greenstein managed to make a 7-6 in Razz and find out it was no good for the big pot. At the break, he had fallen down to around 1.3 million in chips. His face looked no different than it ever does. He could have half the chips in play and look the same as he did during the break.


Back at the table, they sat seven-handed. Patrick Bueno had made his exit in the first level of the day. Greenstein stayed in action, but picked up precious little traction as they finished Stud-8, Hold’em, and O/8 rounds. When he raised in hold’em, he got three-bet by PokerStars-sponsored player Matt Glantz and had to fold on a raggedy flop. When he played a sizable pot in 0/8, it ended in a chop.

By the time they had made it back around to Razz, Greenstein had around 1.2 million, barely less than what he started the level with. The remaining Razz hands saw Greenstein in action, but not making it to showdown. It took until the Stud round that Greenstein raked a pot worth stacking.

Once they reached the Stud round again, Huck Seed hit the rail in seventh place. Six-handed, Greenstein sat on the shortest stack. That said, he was down to 600,000 yesterday and managed to climb back to 2,000,000 in short order. Nothing to say he couldn't do that again.

They will be headed to break in just a few moments. Upon their return, expect to see some fireworks. The blinds and limits will be going up again. Few people are safe and one big hand could send any of a few players to the rail.

While we wait, check out what Greenstein had to say before the start of play today.

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker