2008 World Series: Here yesterday, gone today

The pot limit Omaha started and the pot limit Omaha ended as far as Team PokerStars Pro were concerned. It was a lesson in short-and-sweet for our three returnees, each of whom busted in a slippery 15 minute period, one after the other like ducks in a shooting gallery, before the first hour of play had ticked by.


Humberto Brenes

Neither Humberto Brenes, Bill Chen nor Noah Boeken were at the reassuring end of the 70-plus long chip list overnight, but each certainly had some fight left. Humberto was the underdog, starting at the back of the pack on just 14,800. He busted in fighting style, raising pre-flop before calling all-in on a 9-3-6 board. For the Godfather of Costa Rican poker his pair of kings were ultimately no good against a straight draw that found completion on the river, sending him to the rail.


Noah Boeken

Slightly better stacked at the start, Noah Boeken’s Omaha road was equally rocky and he ran his bracelet hopes into a straight draw the same way as teammate Brenes. A-A-x-x for Noah, which he bet pre-flop, and again on the flop, before being flushed by a straight on the river. Two down, one to go.


Bill Chen

That left Bill Chen, who we have to declare exited before the dust had settled on the Humberto and Noah’s escapade. We’re sure to have the story sooner or later, which Bill will recount with typical gusto, but for now the absence of these guys has left a gap in the Brasilia room.

Fortunes change in poker - all you can do is take what steps you can to make sure it’s not your fault. Like tilting for instance, which Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer talked to the PokerStars video blog team about this weekend; of understanding yourself, the math and more importantly the black art of living with it...

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