2008 World Series: It's all about what you wear

You’ll see all sorts of things within the Las Vegas city limits - things that you’re almost guaranteed not to see anywhere else.

Like a $4.99 steak dinner for instance, a party that starts at 9am or a slot machine promising $999,999 to a lucky winner (and a queue to play). Then there’s the Statue of Liberty opposite the Eiffel tower, and people wrapping up warm against the cold chill of air conditioning, despite it being 112 degrees outside in the shade.

And cowboy hats. Lots of cowboy hats...


Tom McEvoy

Okay, cowboy hats are pretty common in these parts, but whilst the sight of Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy in a large Stetson and, like many players and spectators today - in a stars and stripes shirt, is not too unusual, the sight of his fellow team pro Vicky Coren in one (I don't know the exact kind but you’d imagine a cowboy wearing one) pretty much is.


Vicky Coren

Unless you’re in Las Vegas of course – then you hardly blink.

Then there are the truly unusual. Like PokerStars qualifier David Robinson from Raleigh, North Carolina, playing today in a white PokerStars bath robe, presumably to save time during his morning routine.

“Hey, it’s the same kind of stuff I’d wear at home playing online, so why not here.”

A perfectly logical answer.


David Robinson

A few tables over sits John Wheeler, making possibly the most exclusive of statements, playing as he does in an Andy Warhol styled T-shirt featuring the multi-coloured faces of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher – a true original for the Amazon Room, to be saluted.


John Wheeler

This may all come under the category “lucky clothing” or maybe not. But if it is it’s working for some but not others.

John is probably among the early chip leaders now having just doubled up with a set of tens over his opponent’s nines. The defeated didn’t seem too disappointed at his exit, just pre-occupied with the task of taking a picture of his “Death hand” before the dealer pushed the pot to Wheeler and cleared the table - a nice one for the album.

Progress too for Tom McEvoy, who has 30K under his hat, and even David in his robe has more than his original 20K. But here’s where the stories of potentially lucky clothing come to an abrupt end.

Vicky Coren’s day one outing has not turned into quite the ‘power start’ she was looking for. She found Ac8c for a flop of TcAd6c and looked good chasing a pot all the way, only to be beaten by ace-king with no flush to beat it - an immediate hit to her stack.

It just goes to show that you never can predict what you’ll see as you walk around Las Vegas - and at the tables as well.

But the hat does look good. At least on this side of the city limits.