2008 World Series: Main event goes hand-for-hand

It’s finally here. We’re hand-for-hand in the main event. 673 players remain with eight to go home empty handed before anyone sees a cent. Tournament officials are working the room, clearing the aisles with the pressure tenfold.

First there are the press. Everyone, regardless of affiliation, has been shuffled off to the side of the room. For the most part they realise the extent of the mess and are happy to oblige. The infractions mean longer delays.

Secondly there are the players themselves. It’s a natural instinct to nosey at the next table once your hand has been played, especially if an all-in is taking place. When two, then five, then ten, then twenty players want to take a look though all hell breaks loose. The cameras (who right now are in charge of each hand) want to move into position they can’t see for bodies. The result is more delay.


A typical all-in

Hand-for-hand began at 10.20pm Vegas time after a ten minute briefing from tournament directors about the procedures for each hand and then for busting out. As I write that was fifteen minutes ago and we’ve only played three hands.

Still, it’s perhaps the second most exciting part of any main event and from the vantage point of media row we can see several hundred people enjoying the spectacle. We’re in for a long night, that’s for sure. What else is certain is that there will be one hell of a loud cheer when the burble finally bursts.


In the meantime the PokerStars video blog team are still in action. Earlier today they spoke to PokerStars player Brian Schaedlich.

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