2008 World Series: McEvoy celebrates anniversary

This is the 25th anniversary of Tom McEvoy's World Series Main Event win. A quarter-century later, he's still plugging away and looking for his fifth bracelet. Here's a McEvoy dispatch from Las Vegas.

mcevoy_thn_v2.jpgby Tom McEvoy

I thought with the economy in recession that the attendance at the 2008 WSOP would be reduced. Somebody forgot to tell the poker players about it because they have come in record numbers to the most famous poker tournament in the world.

I have personally been on a whirlwind schedule. I have played 10 events so far and 1 super-satellite. I finished 25th in the Pot Limit Hold'em event, and would have gone further if my Ace King held up against an Ace Jack. Oh well, that's poker.

In the $1500 buy in No-Limit Hold'em Shootout, I got heads up with fellow Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken. All the money went in when I had the Ace Jack against Noah's pocket nines. The flop came with a queen and ten--everything but what I needed to pair or make a straight. And then blank, blank gave Noah the win.

I had another near miss in the $2500 no limit hold'em event. With about 20 spots short of the money, I raised with queens, then was re-raised all-in. I didn't like calling so close to the money, but decided I had the best hand, so I went with it. I made a set, but my opponent, who had Ace King, made a straight and that was that.
The pot had over $30,000 in it which would have guaranteed me not only a money finish but a chance to go deep in the tournament. It's tough putting all your chips in the pot in a racing situation, but that is sometimes what is necessary.

Oh well, we have lots of events still to go and I have not given up making a final table and winning a 5th bracelet.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker