2008 World Series: Moneymaker relishes his lack of cashes

Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker has made exactly zero dollars this World Series, and he is pretty happy about it. Why? Well, just ask him.

by Chris Moneymaker

I have been playing a lot of poker the past to weeks on PokerStars.com gearing up for the WSOP. As I played, observers asked tons of questions. The most common recently is how many cashes do you have this year? The answer has been the same for two weeks now.


That's right ZERO cashes at the 2008 WSOP.

This sounds really bad/sad for a professional poker player 39 events into the Series to not have cashed. Well, thankfully for me it is not that bad, since you have to play to win. If you have been in the Rio this month, you have seen tons of poker celebrities roaming the hallways, but you haven't seen me. I have been at home with my family during the WSOP. I did make a trip out to Vegas and played in Event #1 the 10k PLH event. I busted out with 11 min left in Day 1 and played very well to make it that far, so I was pleased.

So why am I not playing many of the preliminary events? Well there are two reasons. First, historically I have never played many preliminary events at the WSOP. After winning in 2003, I played:

  • In 2004 five events cashing once getting 10th in the PLO 5k with re-buys.
  • In 2005 only the Main Event and didn't cash. (My daughter Taylor was born in June this year).
  • In 2006 three events and cashing in 1 event, the limit hold-em shootout.
  • In 2007 four events cashing once in a no-limit event.
  • In 2008 1 event so far, but planning on playing 4 more leading up to the main event.
  • Secondly, I am having the best time of my life with my family. In 2006, my wife and I rented a house out in Las Vegas and planned on moving out there for the entire WSOP. We landed the day before Event #1 and got into our rental car. It was 115 degrees when we landed and miserable.

    After one day in the heat we decided it would be better if our one-year-old daughter was back home in a cooler environment. I stayed at home with her and from that point forward I made a decision that I wanted to enjoy seeing my daughter grow up.

    I travel a lot as it is and being gone for a month from my family is not something I choose to do. It doesn't help the fact that my daughter's birthday is in June, making it impossible to travel during that time. Anyway, I am making the trek to vegas on Sunday to play in the five remaining events of the WSOP. Hopefully, in a few weeks when someone on PokerStars.com asks how many times did you cash at the WSOP? I will say something other than ZERO.

    Good luck on the tables

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in World Series of Poker