2008 World Series: Moneymaker surrounded by his own experience

The story of Chris Moneymaker's trip to the 2003 World Series has been told so many times, it almost doesn't have to be repeated. Thing is, there are more than a dozen players here trying to do just that.

Earlier this year, PokerStars ran a series of tournaments aimed at giving players a chance to repeat Moneymaker's storybook $39 to $2.5 million tale. Thrity-nine bucks and a good finish got players a spot in the $215 final.

Fifteen players won their way onto Team Moneymaker for the 2008 World Series. As we reported yesterday, those players were treated to a Moneymaker Masterclass over at the Palms.

Today, around half of Team Moneymaker is in the field and vying to repeat the Moneymaker experience. m The other half will join us on Day 1D Sunday.

The situation has certainly changed since Moneymaker booked his revolutionary win back in 2003. Today's Day 1C flight has twice the number of people as the whole Main Event in 2003. By the time the surviving members of Team Moneymaker go to bed tonight, they will have outlasted as many people as Moneymaker did five years ago.

Sitting with the members of Team Moneymaker today is the man himself


Moneymaker is back in the field, playing the last of a few World Series events he chose to play this year. He started this day a couple of hours ago with 20,000 chips like everybody else. He ended the first level of play with 27,000.