2008 World Series: Negreanu, Gerasimov make PLO final table

With barely time to grab a meal since Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein won a bracelet in the $1,500 Razz event, we're now looking at two more PokerStars players at a big final table.

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu, fresh off his $2,000 Limit Hold'em Bracelet, is sitting at another final table, this one the $5,000 PLO Rebuy event. He will be sitting with PokerStars-sponsored player Kirill Gerasimov as they sit down today to fight for the bracelet.


When Negreanu won his fourth bracelet last week, the first thing he did was hold up five fingers. He no doubt intends to pick up his fifth bracelet during this year's World Series. He does not have the biggest stack going into the day, but the PLO rebuy event has deep stacks and anyone with chips stands a chance of doing some damage.

Good luck to Daniel and Kirill as they head into action today.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker