2008 World Series: Nice gals finish 104th

This poker blogging job, much like poker itself, is not one where we can let things get too personal. Alliances, friendships, and any matters of the heart can quickly turn to disappointment, frustration, and downright depression. All of that said, all of us here at the blog were rather rooting for EPT presenter Kara Scott.

Scott and the writers here travel in the same circles--the EPT, the PCA, poker tournaments around the world. More often than not, we're colleagues. At the Main Event of the WSOP, Scott left her role covering the action and became part of the battle herself as a PokerStars-sponsored player. No surprise, she became a frequent subject of ESPN attention, not to mention a force at the table.

Over the past week or so, Scott has impressed people with both her play and her compassion. Every time she stacked the chips, she gave her opponent a look that said, "I'm really, really sorry I had to do that. Would it be okay if I finished this tournament and then cooked you dinner?"

It's nearly impossible to find friendly, genuine people in poker. Scott just happens to be one. So, it is our sad duty to report that after five days of poker, our friend and colleague has been eliminated from the 2008 World Series.

Scott had been trying to build on a short stack for most of the day. Her seat at the feature table seemed permanent over the past two days, so it hurt no less to see her go out in 104th place. She will be comforted to some degree to cash the $41,816 prize she won for her finish.

As for us, we have nothing in which to revel except the continued success of the few dozen PokerStars players, including Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin, who remain in the field tonight (CHIP COUNTS).

As the players head to the dinner break tonight, we have fewer than 100 players left in the field. Two more levels are on the schedule for the night, but the tournament directors tell us, if after the fourth level of the day we have between 63 and 81 players remaining, we could break for the night.

While we're out for a buffet, here's PokerStars player Phi Nguyen talking about his grudge match with Mike Matusow and how Kara Scott brightens his day.

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker