2008 World Series: Party on, Garth

Garth Paul, a 28-year-old man from Ohio has never played a World Series event, and he's not afraid to admit that. His midwestern upbringing suggests a certain pride void of arrogance.

"I am a humble person that treats people as they should be treated," he said.

Paul is one of those players who is among the best local players in his hometown. The first time he ever played a tournament, he took 3rd out of 187 players. He liked the game so much, he started hosting weekly tourneys at his house. In Vegas, he's won a non-WSOP tournament at the Rio and final tabled a tournament at Binion's. Still, he isn't cocky. He simply has a lot of tournament experience outside of this, the biggest poker realm in the world.


Today, Paul has reason to be proud.

After five long days of play, Paul can now say he has played in the WSOP and placed 153rd out of 6,844 players.

While it's not a tournament win, it almost certainly is his biggest cash to date at $41,816.


In other news, Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin has moved his stack up to 2.5 million.

"One big hand," he said.

Ramdin came in for a raise with KT from the cutoff and got four callers. The flop came T72. By the time the action was to him, Ramdin called a 60,000 bet. On the turn, a three (and now with two spades), the price was up to 225,000. Ramdin, sitting with only top pair-king kicker, had a decision to make.

"This is something people aren't going to understand," he said. "But I picked up a huge tell on the guy."

In went Ramdin's 225,000.


The river was a six.

"I had him on AQ of spades or KQ of spades," Ramdin said. Now the bet was 360,000.

"You know what he had?" Ramdin said with a smile. "KQ of spades."

Ramdin called.

Now, he's eating an orange and headed back to level 21 with a huge stack.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker