2008 World Series: Star of the small screen

Hevad Khan has previous form when it comes to popular video clips on the internet. When he was just a wee slip of an online avatar, known simply as RaiNKhan, he proved to the PokerStars moderators that he was not a pokerbot by filming himself playing 26 sit n goes simultaneously on the site in a clip that soon made its way around cyberspace on the poker forums and discussion boards. Just one posting of the video on YouTube has been viewed more than 80,000 times, and it also appears on plenty of other video platforms.

When he made it to the World Series main event final table last year, playing in the colours of a PokerStars Supernova, he earned himself a good deal of television time through his animated antics around the table, footage that has since been cut and spliced together, then set to music, so that YouTube now recognises the search term "Hevad Khan dance".


This week, RaiNKhan: TV star is back as he became the subject of the PokerStars.tv version of MTV's Cribs. He invited the video blog team to his Las Vegas house where they watched him play online, work out, and saw his private chef prepare dinner for the champion. We posted the first instalment of what will be a three-part documentary on the all-new PokerStars.tv site last night and it had already been viewed 20,000 times. Khan is quite an attraction in the online video community.

"You like it? You think I should do it again?" Khan asked when I caught up with him around the tables moments ago. Sure, if it's not too intrusive, I told him. "No, I love it," he said.

Celebrity is a major part of poker these days, but it's still far more important what happens on the tables than what happens on ESPN or YouTube. And despite what you might think, Khan knows that better than anyone, which is why he's got that chef, why he's going to the gym, and why he's remaining wholly focused on his game today in the Brasilia Room.

It took me about 15 minutes just to grab a word as he was involved in three pots back-to-back, all of which he won. His table image these days is one of intense concentration and measured aggression, and he's the very epitome of perfect etiquette. He still enters a lot of pots, usually in position and usually with a raise. That's the way to do it. Worthy of TV star.


So, without further fanfare, here's the second part of the RaiNKhan PokerStars.tv Cribs documentary. One more part will follow.

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