2008 World Series: The Bill Chen post-mortem

As we arrived at the Amazon Room this afternoon the pot limit Omaha event, which started yesterday, was getting underway. In it played three Team PokerStars hopefuls in Humberto Brenes, Noah Boeken and Bill Chen.

As reported earlier, in a period of carnage lasting about 15 minutes, the landscape of the event was changed as all three pros disappeared, busted one after the other. Humberto, who began as one of the short stacks, was busted by a rivered straight and Noah went rail bound in the same way.


But Bill Chen? Bill disappeared amidst the wreckage of what once was as many were still picking up the pieces of the hands that had been so costly. Would we ever know what happened?

Of course we would. The PokerStars video blog team caught up with Bill later for a full on debrief and a detailed rundown of what happened...

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