2008 World Series: The current adventures of Team Moneymaker

I first met Serge Grenier at the reception for the Team Moneymaker players. He stood out from the other team members for the fact he spoke to me in French. Putting to use what little French I still had in my head, like taking the covers off an old '57 Chevy to take it for a spin, I discovered that Serge was from Quebec and was an engineer. To continue the analogy, it wasn't a long drive.

Serge Grenier

But quiet as he may have been on day one he quietly put together a stack good enough to survive the day. Back today and it's a similar story, up to 80K and keeping out of trouble.

Another who has made it this far and is doing his best to keep pace is David Trinh, a pharmacist from Toronto. He did have a shade over 20K before just doubling up. Whilst Darren Keyes, whose wife Michelle is watching closely from the rail, reached the first break of the day with close to 90K.

David Trinh

Along the way we've lost a couple of others form the team, including Claude Elam from North Carolina, making his second World Series appearance.

There's no team work in poker but there is camaraderie between players who have arrived in Las Vegas via the same qualifying route, be it in a freeroll or a special event like the $39 Team Moneymaker competition. This is displayed in none more so than in Mickey Parkinson one of those winners who qualified for $39.

Mickey Parkinson

Earlier I ran into Mickey, a nurse from Alberta in Canada, and probably the most cheerful looking member of the team. Today she started with her short stack on table Orange 25. She called me over with news of her tournament so far but in the space between then and the break she had busted. At one point the dealer asked her if she was okay...

"I'm very quiet... but I'm having a good time!"

Sadly that would all come to an end before I got chance to catch up with her at the break - so long Mickey.