2008 World Series: The last supper

The dinner break was the last for all 14 players in this main event before they are either nearly a million dollars richer, or in the clutch of players forever referred to as nearly men. It's a cruel fate, but for five of those dining this evening, they won't necessarily be able to focus on their near half-million dollar parachute payment. Elimination now will feel as though someone has taken their soul out of their body and kicked it around the Amazon Room like soccer ball.

On the page (or screen) this is just a simile, but for PokerStars player Gert Anderson, it has recently become a reality. The players had barely been reacquainted with their chip stacks for ten minutes before all of his were heading towards fellow PokerStars player Ylon Schwartz.

Gert Andersen.jpg
Gert Anderson, pre-elimination
It was a classic raise, all-in, call tango between Schwartz and the short-stacked Dane, and Schwartz was dominant with A-K versus A-J. There were no miracles and Schwarz took another vault up the leaderboard as Anderson spiralled into the abyss.

When he crawls out, he should hold his head up high. The PokerStars player from Herning, Denmark, has done his country proud, alongside his compatriot and fellow PokerStars player Peter Eastgate. Anderson takes $463,201 for his 14th place, with Eastgate looking at that, at least, and probably much, much more.

PokerStars player Jason Riesenberg also knows how it feels to go deep and yet just miss the final table. Before he knew his fate -- $334,534 for 18th place -- he talked to our video bloggers about his fine run.

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