2008 World Series: The situation on day two

Among the PokerStars qualifiers playing Day 2A a notable few are meeting particular success, as you can see on the chip counts page. For some just getting here was their main achievement while for others nothing short of a cash finish or better will truly satisfy their competitive instincts.

Hearing from the virtual railbirds following online you get a sense of just how much support their is for players who may be overlooked while playing in the shadows of the bigger pros, among them friends of James Washer. He has around 55K now after an earlier scrap with aces against pocket kings that proved fruitful. He made a set on the river putting a bit more life into his day.

The same goes for Franco Cova, a PokerStars qualifier from Italy who, between hands, tends to go for walks to neighbouring tables and back before playing another hand. It’s a tactic that has proved effective so far, sitting as he does with a favourable 131,000.

Franco Cova.jpg
PokerStars qualifier Franco Cova

We heard also from Tracey in Ottawa, keeping tabs on PokerStars qualifier Wael Kasouf who made it through Day 1 with a stack of 41,175. Whilst Tracey stays at home to look after the dog, Wael is living out his dream of playing in the World Series, but in the mass of humanity within these walls, and the numerous table changes going on, we’ve lost track of him. Wael, if you’re still out there, drop by and say hello.

Steve Wald is another player being closely watched from the other end of the internet, by folks back in St Louis. He survived the carnage of Day 1B with 29,000 and has the full support of his work colleagues back home who by the sounds of it will take care of the celebration party when he gets back to Missouri.

Finally, Cero Zuccarello currently has close to 59,000 as he “works his mojo” according to Erin back home. We wish all our players well – stop by and let us know how things are going.

And for anyone else wanting any update on players they are looking out for, don't forget you can drop the blog team a line by emailing blog@pokerstars.com. We'll do our best to report on their progress.