2008 World Series: 2/3 HORSE

With the HORSE feed bag put behind us, we now find ourselves staring at a different breed. The $50,000 event that started with 148 players has now fallen below the 100 mark. Though we're not yet at the point at which the stress causes heart palpatations, things are starting to get more interesting in this five-day event. With still two more levels to play tonight, Team PokerStars Pro and its family are faring quite well.

Of the whole group of PokerStars players who started in this event, only PokerStars-sponsored Alex Kravechenko has been eliminated. The rest still remain in serious contention. Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein is very close to the chip lead and looking to repeat his final table appearance from 2007. Bill Chen, Isabelle Mercier, and Daniel Negreanu are not too far behind.

Speaking of Negreanu, he kept busy in advance of this event. He took off to L.A. for a night. He offered this dispatch from the life of Kid Poker.


by Daniel Negreanu

Ok, so I’m back from L.A. and the reason that I went is that Phil Ivey invited me along with his mother and his wife to attend a celebrity fund raiser for Barack Obama, and of course I was in on that. So, we hopped on a plane and flew out there.

We got in and there were a lot of celebrities there. I’m not a big name dropper, so I won’t go there. Then what happens is you go through the dinner and everyone takes a picture with Obama. I could tell he was really good at this sort of thing. I mean, I could tell some people were talking and being really annoying and he was still smiling and pretending like he really cares about what they were saying. Anyways, I get up there and I’m walking up there, Obama looks at me and says I know you!


Then, he grabs his buddy and says we played poker last night. One of his aids said he is Canadian and he said, “Hi, I’m a fellow Canadian, nice to meet you.” Then Obama pulls out sixty bucks out of his pocket to sort of prove that he played last night. Anyways, I took a couple pictures, and I wasn’t about to ask him about the UIGEA bill. I’m just not going to be that guy. I mean he has bigger fish to fry, you know? I just told him I was happy he ran a really clean campaign and stuff. Phil Ivey was next and he went up there and Obama said “Can you beat that guy?” Ivey said “I dunno man”

We then went in and had a big dinner, and there was like 100 of us there, and Obama said a couple of words and sat at some of the tables. Then, Seal performed a couple songs, which was pretty strong. Barack Obama spoke, and for some reason Ivey turns to me in the speech and says, “he’s gunna take Hillary” then he lays me ten to one on 10k. I said “you got it,” I didn’t even hesitate. It’s funny that we go there and we still have to gamble. So we have a bet, I have any vice president other than Hillary Clinton, for 10k. Ivey has Hillary Clinton for 100k. He feels he can’t win because I took the bet so quickly.

So we flew back that night, just hopped on a plane. Now we are playing the $50k H.O.R.S.E. I have a pretty rough table draw. I spent way too much time with Ivey, and now he is sitting right on my left, along with John Hennigan, Ralph Perry, Robert Willamson, Perry Friedmen and the two internet guys “OMGclayaiken” Phil Galfond, and DURRRRRRRRRR just sat down at my table. Not crazy about my table but all the tables are going to be tough in $50K HORSE, but it’s a good field and a good prize, and I’m going to try to win it.


No only that, but Negreanu sat down with the PokerStars Video Blog team to talk about how he looks at the World Series.

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Brad Willis
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