2008 World Series: Under the lights

By day five a seat on the feature table might represent your last chance for one last waltz under the television lights, a last chance to engrain the memory of your World Series week on the minds of the viewing public, a permanent record somewhere in the annals of TV.

That is if you’re one of the many short stacks today, and at the time of writing that applies to seat four player, PokerStars sponsored player Kara Scott.


Kara Scott

Kara is certainly no stranger to working in front of cameras, what with her role as presenter of the European Poker Tour and even regular appearances on the PokerStars video blog. But with a canny director opting for Mike Matusow to fill his video tape today, Kara Scott is unnoticed despite putting in one of the great performances of the series.

Unnoticed perhaps because on the feature table the 'characters' tend to grow large.

As Matusow talks constantly, often without need of a conversational partner, another player stands as he plays, leaning over the table and making sweeping movements with his arms, like a commander explaining his desired troop movements on a giant map to eight other generals. But with his cap on backwards.

But lost in this is some great play from Kara, something she's done each day she's come to work in the Amazon Room. But as she knows all too well, this is a war of attrition and with just 180 players left the stakes just keep getting higher, and starting with just 247,000, it's getting to be a big ask.


But if this is to be her last hurrah then it won’t fade out without a fight. This week her game plan has been about re-raising. Being ‘aggressive’ is almost a cliché in poker circles these days but Kara has been visial proof of what this actually looks like. as I was watching she took another pot in the same way, providing a vital adrenaline shot to compete with the monster stacks surrounding her.

Mike Matusow may get the attention of the poker crowd, who rowdily cheer his every play, they’re missing the seat four player who might have a chance yet. A lot of people will be glad to see her back for day six.