2008 World Series: Victor Ramdin reaches HORSE final

The $50K HORSE obviously made greater headlines that the $1500 version, but one other thing it did was to spark interest in the HORSE method itself – the five disciplines of poker that offer something new to the casual spectator used to the dominance of Texas hold’em on TV screens everywhere. What was this Omaha 8-or-better thing? And is Razz really a case of the worst hand wins?

All that was on display again today and the record field serves as a demonstration of just how popular HORSE has become. 803 started and now, after two and a bit long days, the last eight has been reached.

It happened as afternoon became evening and evening edged towards dinner. When just nine players remained tournament organisers sat seated the last nine around one table, intending to use community cards for Stud rounds if they found it necessarily. But just ten minutes later, with another bust out, the final eight was reached. Play stopped. Players took a break, and the preparations for the final, which currently involves a biographical questionnaire, were administered.


Well, we’re pleased to report that Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin is among that last few. His stack may not be the greatest, resting as it does on 78K (seventh in order of size) but few doubt Victor’s ability and motivation – he intends to put claim to his first World Series bracelet tonight.

The line up:

Seat 1 - James Schaaf - 392,000
Seat 2 - Matt Grapenthien - 46,000
Seat 3 - Sam Silverman - 310,000
Seat 4 - Phil Hellmuth - 400,000
Seat 5 - Jason Dollinger - 346,000
Seat 6 - Tommy Hang - 680,000
Seat 7 - Victor Ramdin - 78,000
Seat 8 - Esther Rossi - 166,000

As we discovered earlier this week in the larger HORSE event these things can take time so we’ll have an update on Victor’s progress later this evening. It’s sure to be as tense as any other final we’ve witnessed, and be a precursor to yet another surge in this popular form of the game.

One player who knows full well how it is to compete at the highest levels of HORSE competition is Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater, who caught up with the PokerStars video bloggers today to talk about the Vegas experience and being able to talk poker with her man.

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