2008 World Series: Thorson in search of first Team cash

It's a marriage a lot of people have seen coming for quite a long time.

William Thorson became a Team PokerStars Pro earlier this week, putting the icing on a long-lived relationship with his favorite online poker site.

Thorson has been a part of the PokerStars community nearly as long as the community has existed. He secured his screen name, William, back in the day such simple names were still available. If he were to try it now, his name would have to look more like x-W1LL!AM-x, and even that one may already be taken.

The new member of Team PokerStars Pro – William Thorson arrived in Vegas earlier this week. Although he has already played in four WSOP events, there's been no success so far. In today's PLO event, he lost quite a few chips to start the day. Ultimately, he raised it up with AAK2 and got two callers. The flop came KQ7 with two hearts. Thorson potted it and got one fold and one push. Committed, he called to see his opponent's AQ98 with the flush draw. The heart came on the turn and that was it for Thorson.


William thought that the earlier short-handed event would be one of his best tournaments this year. It is his type of game. He’s one of the most aggressive players on the planet. He and the short-handed event go hand-in-glove. It started badly and didn't get much better. He was down to 4000 chips and tried to work himself up again by seeing a lot of flops. After missing them all, he had 2,500 in front of him and started looking for a good double-up opportunity.

He found one. Aces, in fact. He decided just to call his opponent who raised it up to 500. Two others called behind him. On the flop KJ8 the initial raiser bet out 900 and William pushed. His opponent called and showed KQ. A jack on turn was great for William, takinig away three of his opponent's outs. Unfortunately, a king hit the river and William was sent to the rail.

So, no successes yet for Thorson, but there is still a Main Event to think about this week.

Thorson's arrival on Team PokerStars coincided with his arrival in Las Vegas. The PokerStars video blog team was able to get Thorson to settle down for a few minutes and get an interview. You can see it below. For a look at all of our video blogs from the World Series, don't forget to check out PokerStars.tv.

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Brad Willis
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