One hundred to win piece of Million Dollar Man

Do you want a piece of PokerStars Million Dollar Man Darus Suharto? You can't buy a share of his winnings right now, but you can win it this weekend.

It is understood, buying a piece of someone in a tournament is always a tricky proposition. Even if you have a lot of confidence in the player, the tournament world is a fickle place and the chance of getting a return on your investment is only slightly better than the stock market (okay, that's probably a bad joke for this week).

But imagine what it would feel like to spend only 500 Frequent Player Points and have a guaranteed return on a player who is already guaranteed nearly $1 million in the biggest poker tournament in the world.

One hundred PokerStars players already did it this week. More than 13,000 people ponied up their 500 Frequent Player Points. Not only did the top 4,000 players walk away with cash (PinkGeorgy won $10,000 for first place), the top 100 players earned .01% of David "Chino" Rheem.

Rheem and the other five PokerStars Million Dollar Men will play for the World Series bracelet on November 9th. You still have a chance to win a piece of another Million Dollar Man.

This Sunday, October 12, at 16:00, you can win a piece of Darus Suharto. For only 500 FPPs, you have a shot at a $10,000 first prize and a piece of Suharto at next month's WSOP final table.

Click on TOURNEY and SPECIAL in the PokerStars tournament lobby to register today.

For more information, visit the PokerStars Million Dollar Men promotion page.

Good luck!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker