PokerStars awards 226 World Series seats in one tournament

If you've ever played in a satellite for a seat to the World Series main event, you know about the pressure. You know what it takes to make it to those final few places that get you a ticket to the world's biggest poker show. Since the early 80s, players have been getting in to the big one for a smaller price tag.

But not until Chris Moneymaker won the main event on a PokerStars satellite entry did we see the kind of craziness we saw tonight. Now, PokerStars can run one tournament...and award more than 200 seats to the main event in just nine hours.

More than 8,000 players signed up for the biggest online World Series satellite in the world. Nine hours later, 226 players had their entry to this year's World Series main event. Every one of those players now has their ticket and $2,500 worth of hotel and travel expenses.

If you were one of the players who made it, congratulations. If you couldn't get there tonight, there is still time. PokerStars is still running satellites all week long. Get your seat today.

We'll see you in Las Vegas!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker