World Series 2008: Looking forward and looking back

Moments before the players returned from their dinner break, the World Series tournament officials introduced a man named Doyle, one of those rare stars whose first name is instantly recognisable and renders the addition of a last name utterly redundant.

Brunson--for it is he--was brought here to induct the latest additions to the Poker Hall of Fame. This year they are Dewey Tomko, himself the holder of three World Series bracelets, and Henry Orenstein, a notable-enough player but most famous as the inventor of the hole cam, which set the whole poker television bandwagon in motion, and brought us a huge step closer to where we are today.

As the players take their seats again, there are six hole cams still in operation, in front of Ivan Demidov, Dennis Phillips, Peter Eastgate, Ylon Schwartz, Darus Suharto and Scott Montgomery. Take a quick look back at what's happened so far by clicking on any of the links from our coverage so far.

Final table set to start
Shuffled up and dealing has begun
First hour in the books
Have we seen this before?
Late night a-comin'?
Thrills, spills and brainaches
Short-stacked and smiling, but gone
Phillips find a reason to be cheerful, Rheem not so much
The moment everyone dreads

And you can also see all the video blogs over at

Here's a look at one video blog with update chip counts from the dinner break.

Watch WSOP Final Table: Chip Count Lvl. 36 (18:00) on

But there's a load more action still to come, so stay tuned right here.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in World Series of Poker