2008 World Series: Don't make Raymer angry

I've never seen Greg Raymer turn green and start turning over cars. That said, I'd be careful to not make him angry. The guy rarely, if ever, tilts. In fact, the only time I've seen him really, really mad was when a heckler started making inappropriate comments about his family during the 2006 World Series. As with most everything in Raymer's life, his emotion was justified and quickly controlled.

Today, Raymer sits in the $50,000 HORSE event with as calm a demeanor as I've seen him. He was all smiles as he unwrapped his clam shell fossil from its bubble wrap and set it in front of his cards. That made it all the harder to believe Raymer knocked a guy unconscious in less than 30 seconds a few days ago.


Raymer in the $50,000 HORSE event

See, Raymer's World Series has gone, in a word, poorly. Until he cashed in the 2-7 Triple Draw event, he had played more than twenty events with exactly zero in-the-money finishes. The ugliest of all his exits was getting all-in three ways in a PLO tournament in which he had both opponents drawing to exactly one out on a KTT flop (he held aces and they both had a king with no straight or flush draws). The king fell and Raymer went out...and on a little bit of tilt.

Raymer made a steamy exit from the event and walked immediately to a lounge where Roland de Wolfe was struggling with a game of Wii Boxing.

"Roland would knock his guy down, then get knocked down himself," Raymer said. It apparently took Roland some time to put his Wii opponent on the virtual canvas.

"I'm next," Raymer said.

Whether Raymer intended to have a go at Roland or the Wii was unclear. Regardless, neither would've wanted to mess with Raymer post-one-outer.

Roland took off to play some virtual golf and Raymer grabbed the controls. A few seconds and one very strong upper-cut later, Raymer stepped away from the Wii.

"I'm done," he said.

And just like that, his Wii opponent was unconcious and Raymer's anger was sated. Tilt gone, he took off and vowed to fight at the felt another day.

That day is today. He has since recorded his first cash of this year's Series and is looking to throw a few punches in the HORSE event today. After three hours of play, his stack hasn't moved much. This is a heavy-weight fight and is scheduled to last for five days. Any good fighter, even one practiced in the discipline of Wii, knows to save the big punches for late in the fight.

And so that is what Raymer is doing tonight.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in HORSE