PokerStars Blog readies for fifth year at World Series

wsop2009_thn.gifIt was 2005 when the PokerStars Blog first dipped its toes in the Amazon Ballroom madness.

For the first several weeks, PokerStars Team Blog consisted I sat with a scattering of people in a small closet at the end of the longest hallway in the Rio. Final table coverage of the preliminary events was easy. There were maybe five or six members of the media who actually sat around the table. More than a few of them were old school poker writers who had been around back when the Binions were still running the show. I remember one of the guys in the media closet struggling over a lead paragraph for half an hour. Finally, he stood up and walked out of the media room. He returned a few minutes later with a full bottle of scotch.

"I can't write unless I'm drinking," he said and proceeded to write his whole article without another word.

By the time the Main Event rolled around, we'd formed the first official Team Blog.

Howard Swains, Mad Harper, Brad Willis, James Hartigan circa 2005 (to be fair, none of us looks like that anymore)

People in the poker media still talk about that year. The few of us that were there who are still plugging away remember sitting in the back corner of Benny's Bullpen as Joe Hachem went on to win the 2005 Main Event. It was cramped, for sure, but nothing like what would happen over the next few years as hundreds of writers, photographers, and live bloggers came for the show.

The PokerStars Blog has been at the WSOP ever since. The Team Blog cast has changed many times (including this huge and awesome cast in 2006) and employed the best poker writers in the business. This year is no different.

For the fifth consecutive year, the PokerStars Blog will be covering the World Series. We'll have people in Las Vegas beginning with the very first event and offer expanded coverage for the Main Event.

By the end of this weekend, more than 800 people will have qualified for the World Series Main Event on PokerStars. We'll be there to cover every one of them and whoever manages to qualify between now and then.

Over the next week or so, we'll be taking a walk down World Series memory lane. Stick with us as we once again get ready to cover the biggest thing in poker.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker