WSOP Event #14: It's the limit for Barry Greenstein

wsop2009_thn.gifAnother day at the office for Barry Greenstein, and he's not finding it to his liking. This is day two of the $2,500 Six-handed Limit Hold'em event, and the Team PokerStars Pro, who seems to be entering more tournaments than most, is on the slide.

Up to 80,000 at one point, we caught up with him with around 20,000 left and seemingly coming to the end of the poker road.


Barry Greenstein

While Limit does not have the alarming chip swings you see in no limit, the betting still gets painful when the blinds rise to the level they are now - 600-1,200. Lose a couple of hands in a row to the turn or river - as Greenstein just did, one to Team PokerStars Holland Pro Lex Veldhuis (on 55,000) - and your stack takes a bashing. He lost half when in the time we were at the table.

Greenstein gives away no emotion, though, and we'll never know just what he's thinking. The closest we'll come is from peeking at his Twitter page, where he'll regularly put up his progress.


Daniel Negreanu

On the next table is Daniel Negreanu, having yet another massage, who is fairing only slightly better on 27,000. We always knowing what he's thinking, as he normally does so aloud.

Around 60 of the 367 starters remain in this one, with the money kicking in at 36th and the winner picking up $223,688.

Recently busted from the event was Brazilian Pro Andre Akkari.


Andre Akkari