WSOP Event #15: JC Alvarado busy in hoodie

wsop2009_thn.gifOver in the blue section (as opposed to the red, orange and green flavours also available in the Amazon room) a hooded figure riffles his chips. He clearly has a decision to make, as with around 6,000 in the pot, he has to call another 2,350 on the river.

Team PokerStars Mexico Pro JC Alvarado, hooded in black, looks at the aggressor through his dark glasses. He looked down at his chips, looks back at seat four's face, lets out a sigh, riffles again, then taps his chips noisily on one another. He leans back in his chair, puffs out his cheeks, and the lets out a grimace. Time to study the board once more: J♥4♦3♣K♣6♦. One more stare, one more muffled "Aaargh" noise.... call.

K♦J♦ for seat four, and it's good. JC mucks.

But this aggressive young player, who won the recent PokerStars SCOOP $1,050 main event for $502,000, does not let setbacks like that deter him. He's hovering around his starting stack of 15,000 in this $5,000 No Limit Hold'em event and seemingly ducking and diving in most pots.

JC Alvarado

He's not just something of an online wizard, his live record is pretty good, too, having clocked up around $700,000 which includes a WSOP final table ($1,500 No Limit) in 2006.

This day one, 655-player field is a tough one as you'd expect. Team PokerStars Pros Vanessa Rousso, Peter Eastgate, Victor Ramdin, John Duthie, ElkY, Dario Minieri, Humberto Brenes and Hevad Khan have been spotted so far.

Rousso just picked up an extra 2,000 or so thanks to an extra pip. Her A♥[10h] good against A♣9♦ on a Q♠A♦5♦J♦6♠ board. She was a little late in arriving today, having woken up just 15 minutes before play began, but it looks like the rest did her good... she's up to 24,000.