WSOP Event #2: Haxton uses "One Time Chip" to stay alive

wsop2009_thn.gifWe've seen it used in Europe, South America, and now here for the first time at the WSOP in Las Vegas - yes, the PokerStars Blog One Time Chip has made an appearance and done its work for PokerStars player Isaac Haxton, who used it to double up and stay alive during heads-up of the $40,000 no limit.


We introduced the chip at EPT Copenhagen - see its explanation here - and since then it has helped countless players around the world*.

But none could have been as high profile as this - Isaac Haxton was trailing heads up against Russia's Vitaly Lunkin and got all in on a board showing K-5-3-6.

Lunkin: A♠A♦
Haxton: K♠[10s]

Haxton was in a world of trouble and praying for his tournament life, needing another king or a ten.

"This would be an appropriate moment to use my one time," he said.

At that, all his supporters in the crowd started chanting: "One time, one time."

The PokerStars Blog One Time Chip did its magic, and a second ten landed on the river, shooting Haxton back into the heads-up lead.

The only downside of our chip is that he is not allowed to use the "One time" again for the rest of the event, according to our trademarked rules.


Isaac Haxton

This heads-up battle is turning into a marathon, with the lead is chopping and changing all the time.

* Probably an exaggeration.