WSOP Event #2: Veldhuis out, Raymer clear leader

wsop2009_thn.gifTeam PokerStars Holland Pro Lex Veldhuis has been busted by Greg Raymer, but at least he has the consolation of a $277,940 - and the comforting shoulder of Evelyn Ng. While Lex sloped off after his thrilling run at the $40,000 no limit title, Raymer has shot into the clear chip lead with near 8 million, more than double the average of the five remaining players.

Veldhuis had found himself short for the first time since the 201 players first sat down on Thursday - and found what he thought was the right time push. Raymer had bet 200,000 and the Dutchman moved all in from the small blind for his last 1,265,000 with A♦7♦. His timing could not have been worse - Raymer insta-called with K♦K♠. The J♥6♣2♣Q♣[10s] brought not surprises.


Lex Veldhuis

While Veldhuis finished in seventh, Alec Torelli busted soon after in sixth for $329,730, when his A♥2♥ was outgunned by PokerStars player Isaac Haxton's A♠[10d], and remained so on the Q-J-8-Q-5 board. That sent Haxton up to around 4.6 million, in third spot behind Raymer and Russia's Vitaly Lunkin.

Since then, Haxton has picked up enough blinds and antes to take him to 5,200,000 - and then he and Raymer tangled in a pot that the New Yorker was lucky to chop, when his A-Q was up against Raymer's 7-8 on a board showing 9-7-7-9 - then the 9 on the river evened things up.

Latest chip counts, level 26, blinds 50,000-100,000 (10,000). Five players left:

Greg Raymer, Team PokerStars Pro, 7,740,000
Vitaly Lunkin, 5,660,000
Isaac Haxton, Pokerstars player, 5,200,000
Justin Bonomo, 4,865,000
Daniel Stern, 2,200,000
Alec Torelli, $329,730
Lex Veldhuis, Team PokerStars Holland Pro, $277,940
Noah Schwartz, $246,834
Ted Forrest, $230,317