WSOP Event #24: Humberto's busy start

wsop2009_thn.gifThere's never a dull moment watching Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes at the table. If he's not acting up, he's busy with his cards. It's the latter today as he's had a hectic few moments.

Soon after starting day two of the $1,500 No Limit Hold'em event with 47,000, he lost a huge pot against Woofae Min to his left. It was a battle of the blinds - K-Q for Brenes, the dominating A-Q for Min. The board ran 8-9-8-10, opening up a J for four more outs for Brenes, but the Q fell on the river.


Humberto Brenes

With that he was down to just 3,300 and on the button. The rest of the table sniffed out his next move (blinds were 600-1,200) and when it folded round to the Costa Rican, he obliged by pushing all in. Perhaps as expected he got called by the small and the big blind, who knew Brenes could have absolutely any two cards in this spot.

The board was checked down... A♦K♣8♠K♦[10c], 7-7 for Min in the small blind, 5-6 suited for John Cavanaugh in the big.... and Q-J for Brenes for a straight and triple up to more than 12,000.

Next Brenes made it 3,000 to go, and Min in the cut-off asked to see the big blind's stack. He then re-raised to 6,500. Everyone got out of the way until it got back to Brenes, who pushed all in. Call!

Min: 9♣9♦
Brenes: K♦K♠

The board gave Brenes the straight and then the flush - J♦[10s]Q♠A♠7♠.

With that he's back up to 22,000.


Steve Paul Ambrose

An eventful start also today for Team PokerStars Pro Steve Paul-Ambrose. He sat down with just 11,200 - and got it all in on the first hand with A-10, only to walk in to pocket jacks.

"That was fast," he said afterwards. "But this was only my first day two in the WSOP for two years, so at least that's something!"

With that, SPA, who won the PokerStars PCA in 2006 for nearly $1.4 million, was given a card to take to the cash desk to collect his $2,668 in prize money.

Also playing day two of this event today is PokerStars EPT television host Kara Scott. More on her coming soon!


STOP PRESS: Brenes' active start couldn't last. Soon after putting up this post, he got it all in with J-J and begged his opponent to turn over A-K.... which to everyone's amusement, he did.

The board ran 2♠K♠7♣7♠7♥ and Brenes' day was done. Some $2,839 has now found its way into his wallet for his efforts here.