WSOP Event #26: Noah in the house

wsop2009_thn.gifEven though we're well over two weeks into the WSOP, we're still finding Team PokerStars Pros who have just arrived in town and are settling down to their first event.

While folks like Barry Greenstein and Daniel Negreanu have been popping up all over the place (sometimes multi-tabling events in Negreanu's case), we had seen nothing of Holland's Noah Boeken.


Noah Boeken

Then, just as you least expect to see him, there he is plugging away at the $1,500 Limit Hold'em. And he's doing quite well, too.

We're into day two of this event, which started with 643 runners generating a first-place prize of $197,488. Around 100 are left, and 63 will be paid.

Boeken has nearly a million dollars in tournament earnings, and is looking for a big score to get his World Series off to a (belated) cracking start. At start of play today he had 42,000, well above the room average.

Meanwhile Barry Greenstein is playing in the same event and now has 30,000, just above the current chip average of 28,000. You can follow his progress on his Twitter page.


Barry Greenstein