WSOP Event #29: Thorson heads out of heads-up

wsop2009_thn.gifThe heads-up championship makes for a much quieter atmosphere than the hullabaloo generated by the massed ranks playing more popular events. This $10,000 championship is nicely tucked away in the Miranda room, far from (well, about two minutes walk) the Amazon where the noise and action is frenetic.

Heads-up is different, of course. A smaller field, and the two players sit opposite each other in total silence apart from the occasional stifled yelp of despair.

Four Team PokerStars Pros made it through to round three today, where 64 of the original 256 came back to fight on for the $625,682 first prize.


William Thorson

Our first faller was William Thorson, who endured a tough match with Justin "Boosted J" Smith. They started with 120,000 chips each, but Thorson found himself short early, and then faced a series of punishing "call-if-you-dare" all-ins from Smith.

Eventually Thorson had enough, and pushed himself with K♥6♠, reasoning Smith could not have the goods every time. This time, though, Smith had found A♣3♥ and made the call. The 7-3-J-3-Q board was happy viewing for Smith, who advances to the last 32.

EPT founder and Team Pro John Duthie found himself in an interesting match up with Terrence "unassigned" Chan, a former PokerStars exec who now plays in the best games online and live.


John Duthie

They've been at it for a while, with neither taking a big lead. Chan has a small advantage, however, after an interesting hand. With blinds at 1,200-2,400, Duthie made it 10,000, called. The flop came 8♣7♠3♣ and Duthie fired out 17,000. Call. On the J♣ turn he checked, the folded dejectedly when Chan put out 25,000.

Also still at it is Vanessa Rousso, although she's finding the going tough against Evan Roberts, with 70,000 to his 170,000. Jonathan Jaffe saw of Dario Minieri, his K-9 dominating and outlasting the Italian's K-8.


Vanessa Rousso

Each player who makes it through to round four will be guaranteed $17,987.