WSOP Event #32: Angel Guillen heads-up... again!

wsop2009_thn.gifIn what was an extraordinary level after the dinner break, we lost three players to get to heads-up, two of them at the hands of Team PokerStars Mexico player Angel Guillen.

At one point, with just three of them left, he had 5.4 million of the 9.2 million in play, but lost a sizeable pot to Finland's Mika Paasonen, a serial PokerStars EPT qualifier. Paasonen then dispensed with third-place finisher Jason Boyes, making a tremendous call to the all-in player, to regain the chip lead. Just.


Angel Guillen

Five of them came back from dinner, but soon Guillen was in action - he raised into Eric Ladny's big blind, Ladny moved in with J♦J♠ and Guillen called with K♣[10c]. The board came K♥[10s]3♣2♣Q♦ and Ladney passed go and collected $108,883.

Next Steve Kohner raised pre-flop to 120,000, and Guillen moved all-in from the big blind. Call:

Guillen: A♥K♦
Kohner: J♣J♥

Guillen had to overtake the jacks again - and the board duly obliged by rattling off K♣9♦5♦9♣Q♠. With that, Kohner took a $150,761 pay day, while Guillen moved into that monster chip lead.

But Paasonen was not to be fazed, he got back more than 800,000 from Guillen, who folded after a frenzied pre-flop raising battle. The Fin then got re-raised twice by Boyes, but the third time was too much.

Boyes raised from the button to 150,000, call. The flop came 8♣6♦9♥ and Boyes bet 200,000 - Paasonen made it 600,000. Boyes moved all-in, and then there was a long dwell as the Fin weighed up whether to make the call. He stared at Boyes with his glasses on, he stared at him with them off. "Do you want me to call?" No response. "I call."

What a great call it was, too. Boyes had [10d]8♠, Paasonen A♣8♥. Nothing changed and Boyes left with $214,974.

So now just Guillen (4,300,000) and Paasonen (4,900,000) remain. Let the battle for the bracelet (and $530,548 first prize) commence!

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in World Series of Poker