WSOP Event #38: Marcel Luske takes aces in his stride

wsop2009_thn.gifMarcel Luske has seen it all at the poker table; nothing would surprise him, and nothing really phases him any more.

So in day two of the $2,000 Limit event, he knew that being down to 10,000 chips - mostly in the small 100 chip denominations - was not ideal, but he'd been in these sort of scrapes more times than I've had hot dinners *.

There would be no time for hanging around for the Team PokerStars Holland Pro, and anything decent had to be played strong to kick on and survive.


Marcel Luske

With the level at 1,000-2,000, he raised it up pre-flop to 4,000, but got no takers - flashing A♣K♣ to the folding big blind, who nodded knowingly.

Next hand he raised it up again, and this time got a caller. The flop came 4♥6♠J♥ and Luske's 2,000 was check-called. On the 2♣ he bet 4,000, and turned over A♠A♥ to his again nodding-and-folding opponent. "What did you think I was putting all that money in for?" Luske remarked.

All this put the Dutchman back up to 17,000 or so, but his rush of cards wasn't over. He got 8♠8♣ next hand, but got away with losing the minimum on a dangerous ace-high board - his opponent showing [10s][10c].


Alex Kravchenko

On the next table is Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko, one three of our Team Pros still in the field of 95 (446 started).

He seemed to like his starting hand and from mid position raised to 2,000. He called the three bet and the two of them saw the 7♠4♥6♥ flop. Kravchenko check-raised, then got re-reraised and called. The turn came [10d], and Kravchenko led out with 2,000 - call. On the K♥ river he again bet out and was called.

Kravchenko rolled over 7♦7♣. The set was good.

Meanwhile Daniel Negreanu is finding things a little tougher. He shipped a few thousand when his opponent liked the king turn and king river, not surprising as he held K♠Q♦. Also finding things tough is Phil Hellmuth, who was confidently four-betting the flop with his set of threes, and the turn, and the river... but his opponent had flopped a set of queens!


Daniel Negreanu

Only 45 of these players will get in the money, with the winner picking up $190,770.

* Almost certainly an exaggeration