WSOP Event #4: Ivan, the terrible hair

wsop2009_thn.gifAs bad hair days go, this one is a bit of a shocker. Now I'm no expert on the male hairstyle, but I'm told Ivan Demidov has quite a nice head of hair - long and flowing, the ladies call it. But today he has pitched up for the $1,000 No Limit sporting something that can only be described as, well, odd.

Gone are the free-flowing locks, replaced by a curious bead effect that makes the Russian Team PokerStars Pro, who final tabled last year's main event, look like a cross between a tyre tread and a corn dolly. The reason for this monstrous makeover? A prop bet gone bad. That's his excuse anyway.


Ivan Demidov

Someone with a bit more style, and well known to PokerStars, is rap star Nelly. Having gotten the bug for playing poker when he joined us at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo earlier this month - initially for the Ante Up for Africa tournament, but then he stayed on to play the main event - he's back for more in Vegas.

I think it would be fair to say Mr Nelly is normally quite "full-on", but as he takes his place among the heaving masses of players in the $1,000 jamboree he's gone for the covered-up look, complete with shades and hoody. Having met him a few weeks back, I recognised the tell-tale mega diamond earrings, and the blingy diamond-encrusted watch peeking out from the hoodie sleeve.



He might be famous for singing "It's getting hot in here", but today he's been putting on all his clothes.

Gone from the $1,000 are Barry Greenstein - shoving from the small blind with K-8 but being looked up in the big blind with 3-3 - and Vanessa Rousso, who's pocket tens were overtaken by A-2.

We'll bring more news of the $1,000 in later days of the tournament - for now we'll be concentrating on Team PokerStars Pros Greg Raymer and Lex Veldhuis, who are down to the last two tables in the $40,000 No Limit event.

And we'll be keeping an eye on Chad Brown and Andre Akkari, both still slugging it out at the Omaha Hi/Low 8 or Better.