WSOP Event #4: Negreanu is all-a-Twitter

wsop2009_thn.gifIf there's one person you can count on to talk the hind legs off a donkey at the poker table (and that's just an expression, folks, not a dig at the players in this event), it's Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu. He's rarely quiet, except when he's having an at-seat massage like he is right now.

Thanks to new technology, however, we can all keep up with Kid Poker's latest musings on his Twitter page, where he's updating his latest ups and downs in the colossal $1,000 no limit event. In all, 6,012 have entered this bloodfest, that's the highest ever WSOP field outside of the main event, and money is paying all the way down to 621st, who will get $1,894. The winner, who will have to play out of his or her skin to get there, will get a deserving $771,106.

Negreanu has some work to do, therefore. And it doesn't help when hands like your pocket queens get cracked by K-10. But little blips do not phase him, he's still on 3,000 - back where he started.


Daniel Negreanu

STOP PRESS: The blogger's curse strikes yet again. Just as we hit publish, Negreanu is out - his A-K no good against. K-K. He's now revealed he'll be playing the PLO and stud events tomorrow.