WSOP Event #40: LOL swingaments

wsop2009_thn.gifWe keep saying it, and we keep being proved right: play Pot Limit Omaha and expect swings that will make you dizzy. This WSOP $10,000 PLO World Championship is no exception, and Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein is on a rollercoaster.

Having started nicely chipped up he lost half his stack against David Williams. A rebuilding exercise was under way when he got a nice double up to take him well over 600,000 - and then he went and doubled someone else up soon after to peg him back again. Then he won a monster pot against Noah Schwartz to take him over the one million mark and give him the chip lead!


All smiles: Barry Greenstein

Let's try to keep this as simple as possible and relay the hands in order....

Greenstein's first double up came against Richard Austin. On a flop of Q♥[10s]3♦ Greenstein check-raised all in. Call!

Greenstein: J♦[10d][10c]7♣
Austin: A♠Q♣[10h]6♦

Top two for Austin but a set for Greenstein and the turn and river changed nothing. That pot put the Team Pro on around 650,000, making him comfortable in the then 17-strong field.

But this being PLO, nothing stays the same for long and only a few minutes later he lost many of his new chips to Nate Lindsay, who had pocket aces that held up nicely against Greenstein's A-5-K-2 double suited.

While that set him back, a monster-monster double up followed at the expense of Noah Schwartz. On a Q♥4♠5♠ flop Greenstein made it 35,000, Schwartz made it 95,000, Greenstein announced all-in, Schwartz called!

Greenstein: A♠A♦7♠7♥

Two pair for Schwartz, but the Team PokerStars Pro had the nut flush draw. The turn was 7♦, filling up his set, and the river bricked the [10c].

Thumbnail image for greenstein10kplo3c.jpg

Greenstein rakes in the monster

That pot sent Greenstein up to a heady 1.15 million - and Schwartz down to a lowly 150,000. There are now 15 left, with each of them guaranteed $46,266. We're closing in fast on a final table!

You gotta love this game.