WSOP Event #40: Thorson up, Greenstein down, McEvoy out

wsop2009_thn.gifThe headline just about says it all, but to leave it at that would perhaps be a dereliction of duty. It would also be a little unkind on William Thorson not to expand a bit on his rise to power in this WSOP $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha World Championship.

The Team PokerStars Pro has torn up many a field before, both as a regular on the EPT circuit, final tabling EPT Dortmund only a few months ago, and here at the WSOP, where he came 13th in the Main Event in 2006. In total he has more than $2.1 million in tournament cashes to his name.


Up: William Thorson

So it's no great surprise to see him second in chips with 58 remaining today, expecially as PLO is his preferred cash game variant.

He started the day around the middle of the pack but has grown steadily throughout the afternoon to 366,000, thanks to a succession of nice pots.

First he took one off Richard Ashby when his 9♦7♣5♥4♣ made a straight on the K♠8♥6♥9♠J♦ board, good enough for a 65,000 profit. A little while later, with the board reading [10h]7♣6♣Q♣K♦ he bet the 125,000 pot, sending his opponent into the tank for several minutes before folding.


Down: Barry Greenstein

Meanwhile, Barry Greenstein, who had flirted with the chip lead earlier in the afternoon, has slid backwards ever since and now has 123,000, much of the recent damage coming when he missed his nut flush and straight draw. He's fallen below the average which at dinner has upped to 153,000.

And Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy, the 1983 Main Event champion, was down to just small change after walking into a nut straight - he departed just a few hands later.


Out: Tom McEvoy

We're still more than 30 spots short of the money.