WSOP Event #44: I think this game is just one big gamble, jokes Minieri

wsop2009_thn.gifDario Minieri is enoying himself over on table 159. He's sitting as one of three Team Pros in a row, with Alex Kravchenko on his left and Jose Barbero one place further along, and finding that Razz is very much to his liking.

We're more used to him tearing up no limit hold'em events, so to find him running good in day two of the WSOP $2,500 Seven Card Razz comes as a bit of a surprise. And by the looks of things, Minieri is more surprised than most.


Three wise men: Dario Minieri, Alex Kravchenko and Jose Barbero

As he scooped another nice pot, he told his table, who he has been keeping amused for some time: "I think this game is just one big gamble."

"So that's why you like it so much," came the reply, to much chuckling around the felt.

The very next hand, he's betting again - with a grin, I hasten to add. This time he is showing a 3 up, his opponent a 2. Minieri makes it 800, call. Now a 2 for Minieri and a K for his opponent. Another 800 bet, call. This time the dealer gives the Italian a 7 up, a Q for his opponent. Now Minieri bets 1,600 and his opponent shakes his head and mucks.


Dario Minieri

"There's a lot of head shaking going on in this game," said an observer.

"It's all luck," replied Minieri, as he stacked up the loot to put him on more than 35,000, nicely up from the 12,200 he started the day with. Kravchenko, meanwhile, has 17,000 and Argentinian Pro Barbero is on around 10,000.

Also still in the field - where the 102 survivors are chasing 32 cash spots - are Team PokerStars Pros Daniel Negreanu and Chad Brown.

Recently departed is Katja Thater, who won a WSOP Razz bracelet two years ago, but will not be making it two this week.


Katja Thater